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We present analytic formulas for the ground state energy of two-dimensional (2D) anyon gas in strong magnetic field (Landau level filling factor νL ≤ 1). The formulas are obtained by applying harmonic potential regularization for the vanishing confinement to harmonically confined Coulomb anyon gas. In a case of absence of the Coulomb interaction our analytic result provides an exact solution. It contains a contribution of the anyon gauge field characterized by the anyon parameters ν and νL. In a case of presence of the Coulomb interaction we introduce a function depending on the parameters ν, νL and the density parameter rs. The function is determined by fitting the Fano-Ortolani interpolation equation in the fractional quantum Hall effect regime for spin-polarized electrons and by consistence requirement with known results for the ground state energy of the 2D Coulomb Bose gas in strong magnetic field. We show that our formulas are valid not only for fermions (ν=1) but quite generally for anyons (0 ≤ ν ≤ 1).

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