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The experimental results on the self-aggregation of fullerene C60 particles in a microvolume of drying droplets of a colloidal solution of fullerene on a solid substrate are presented. Using methods of scanning electron microscopy and atomic force microscopy, it was shown that in the volume of an evaporating droplet of a solution of fullerene C60 in xylene, deposited on the surface of a flat silicon substrate at room temperature, nanostructured and porous mC60 aggregates of quasispherical and elongated spherical shapes with geometrical sizes in average diameter up to D≈4000 nm are synthesized. It is established that an increase in the fullerene concentration in the initial drop of the same solution leads to an increase in the average size of the resulting fullerene aggregates. The basic physical features and regularities characterizing the processes of self-aggregation of fullerene particles in a volume of drying drop were determined.

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