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As a result of the investigations, the adsorbents of activated coal at different temperatures and with water vapor were extracted from plane-tree, ash-tree, Cherry, Apricot, nut stems were received and their physico-chemical and adsorption properties were determined. The results have shown that the adsorption efficiency and adsorption properties of the plane-tree adsorbents are significantly higher than those of other trees. It can be seen that heating the resulting coal adsorbents from 400 to 800°, that is, thermal activation, almost has double their pore volume. The adsorption properties of adsorbents were determined in the following orders, for thermally activated coals at a temperature 400°: PTAC > AshTAC > ATAC > ChTAC > NTAC, for thermally activated coals at a temperature 600°: PTAC > AshTAC > ChTAC > NTAC > ATAC, for thermally activated coals at a temperature 800°: PTAC > AshTAC > ChTAC > ATAC > NTAC, for activated coals that have been activated with water vapor at 800°: PTAC > AshTAC > ATAC > NTAC > ChTAC.

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