Bulletin of National University of Uzbekistan: Mathematics and Natural Sciences


We investigate the effects of braneworlds on energetic processes in plasma. magnetosphere of neutron stars. Obtained that the presence of brane charge causes an increase in the size of the polar cap region. It has shown that the polar capsize of neutron stars with larger rotation period and compactness parameter is also larger. We have studied deathline of radio pulsar in braneworld. Obtained that the deathline shifted down and the pulsars which lying on the deathline become visible in radio band. Moreover, we have extended particle acceleration in polar cap of neutron stars in the presence of the brane charge, obtain that in both curvature radiation (γ∼106) and inverse Compton scattering (50<γ<104) cases the acceleration "rate" of the accelerating charged particle is signiffcantly smaller in the presence of the brane charge.

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