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We study effect of additional cooling mechanism on the thermal evolution of rotating magnetized neutron star (NS). The influence of general relativistic effects on charge distribution inside a NS leads to the qualitative distinction of space charge distribution inside the conducting crust from that inside the superconducting core which may play a source of a possible mechanism of radio-wave radiation production in the intermediate medium inside a rotating neutron star. This radiation may interact the matter of the neutron star and energy of the electromagnetic radiation can be transformed into the heating energy. The intensity of radio-wave radiation produced inside NS and its relation for the relaxation time of cooling of the rotating magnetized neutron star in the curved space-time are estimated. The relaxation time of cooling of the rotating magnetized neutron star is essentially increased by heating arisen by the interaction of the generated electromagnetic radiation with the conducting matter of the neutron star crust. New suggested physical mechanism for the heating energy of the radio-wave radiation is proposed and some estimates on.

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